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img3 months ago
Meiran Bustop, Abeokuta Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria
img3 months ago
Alagbado, Lagos, Nigeria
img3 months ago
Abule Egba, Lagos, Nigeria
img2 months ago
Lagos, Nigeria

Sellers are making money from Corridorspree

  • I've tried all social media platforms without getting any sale, From Facebook to Instagram to Nairaland, i was even thinking of quitting my handmade bag business. But Corridorspree gave me the platform to sell my Goods to customers online and I am eternally grateful to the creator of Corridorspree for this wonderful platform.

    Abams Genevieve Designer, Bag Maker
  • I collect vintage products and with the help of Corridorspree, I have been able to sell my vintage products online. Can’t stop telling my friends about this wonderful platform.

    Emmanuel Allu Vintage Collector
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